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Environmental Education
Environmental Education

The Rise in Environmental Education

The environmental education in the United Arab Emirates is being promoted on a large scale, which not just includes campaigns by the different NGOs, but various government and private schools as well.

When we speak of the traditional method of teaching, the education for the sustainable development actually means to adopt more organic approach in order to educate, with an aim to create a better world. This certainly allows each child for acquiring knowledge, skills, values as well as a moral character which is necessary for shaping a great future.

Importance of Environmental Education

People tend to see the development as an important and a normal process, although when it becomes more dependent on the over exploitation of the natural resources, replenishment of those reserves as well as the supplies is also affected, and then managing the imbalance actually demands slightly different philosophy. Another way to condition the minds of the younger generation is through the encouragement of sustainable lifestyles by creating awareness in various institutions.

Education for the sustainable development in the schools leads to significant environmental challenges for example the climate change if it is incorporated in subjects such as, math, art and of course, science, which is more interactive than a regular boring lecture in the class rooms, as the main goal is to engage with the audience, rather than imposing your views.

Environmental Education in Schools

The decade of the education for the sustainable development in the United Arab Emirates is already getting popular amongst the students, who are regularly participating in the environmental friendly education campaigns, which includes Be’ati Watani and the Eco-Schools UAE, which are conducted by both the EWS as well as WWF. The two campaigns serve as the vital tools for the schools in order to produce the environmentally responsible citizens.

A good example for how promoting this cause is going to help shape sustainable future is through an Eco-school in UAE, which was recently awarded a Green Flag, which signifies contribution to the environment. The students identified need for even more wall space in order to spread the environmental awareness in the school, so that they create a huge wall of the used cartons which are piled over each other. Other than reducing amount of the waste produced in the school and then saving the school funds, the students keep the important messages forward within the school community, innovative thinking for making maximum access of the available and the reusable resources.

Environmental Education helping in creating future world leaders

The education for the sustainable development isn’t just environmentally friendly but it also helps in developing leadership skills, which will motivate the younger generation to spread further awareness amongst the masses. By the help of equipping the young people with the relevant capabilities with addition to environmental knowledge, it will help them to excel in leading their lives which will not only protect humanity but the entire planet as well.

This kind of learning is not just limited to the schools, as it must also be taught at home. Using water and the energy resources even more carefully while you are at work or home should be a part of our daily routine. Even more great efforts should be made by the families as well as the communities in order to reduce the waste, riding bicycles, walking or using the public transport and recycling regularly.

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