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Ralco Stand on the Shoulders of Giants To See Through Us

Ralco make and sell ‘collimators’. As such they are working in the finest traditions of medical science. They stand on the shoulders of giants to see through us, to paraphrase Sir Isaac Newton, because collimators are optical devices used in x-rays and radiotherapy. Ralco is an Italian company that has been helping healers to diagnose by seeing human pathology for almost forty years. Founded in 1974 in Milan this family firm are proud of their innovative quality products.

Early pioneers of collimator technology were the great scientists Carl Friedrich Gauss and Friedrich Bessel. But the main breakthrough in collimator devices was made by the English physicist Henry Kater who built the first ‘floating collator’. It is an important optical device in the history of astronomy. It was the cornerstone discovery of x-rays and radiotherapy. Medical science generally and Ralco in particular, work in the highly complex field of using energy rays to create images of the inside of patients.

When doctors can actually see the extent and position of broken bones for example they can better apply pins and splints to hasten recovery. It is the fact that flesh, muscle, tumors and bone all absorb different levels of x-rays that produces the image with varying levels of exposure on photographic film. A collimator is like a comb cum sieve for organising the unruly rays of energy and is an essential component for the camera that is an x-ray. It aligns and directs the x-rays, before they pass through the body and onto the film. X-ray devices are basically highly specialized cameras.

Rather than using rays of photons or light particles, they use different parts of the energy spectrum to expose the photographic film. X-rays are in fact electromagnetic waves of a much higher energy level, i.e they move about a lot more, than say light rays. It is this extra energy that lets them pass through the body. Uncontrolled they can be fatally dangerous to people and Ralco collimators are renowned for the safe low leakage levels achieved in their manufacturing.

Lead is so dense as to be impervious to x-rays, i.e. they cannot pass through it. A Ralco collimator will contain any number of very thin sheets of lead, laid down in a parallel plane and microscopically separated. Only limited numbers of x-rays that are travelling in the exact trajectory of the gaps, get through to make the best image. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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