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Seafood in Canada
Seafood in Canada

Seafood in Canada

Earlier this year, Slow Food Canada announced an exciting new campaign that instantly had me hooked. Slow Fish is an effort to connect Canadians to their sustainable seafood and the many issues related to fisheries. And beyond highlighting the issues, Slow Fish identifies local solutions in Canada for the better management of our freshwater and marine resources. With overfishing being one of the biggest issues our oceans face, the Slow Fish campaign is an important project that helps Canadians learn more about the issue while connecting to their food and finding solutions to continue enjoying fish in the years to come.

With a focus on small scale sustainable fisheries, Slow Fish not only offers Canadians solutions, but helps to reconnect us to the people that catch, harvest and produce the fish, too. Based on the international Slow Fish campaign, this project in Canada aims to focus primarily on neglected fish species such as the Pacific sardine and artisanal fisheries like the harpoon caught swordfish.

Aquaculture is a key focus area, too, as producing fish has been identified as an important part of the solution to meet the growing global demand for protein. These features all make for inspiring fish tales and delicious (while sustainable) ingredients to enjoy. Be sure to follow Slow Fish for good, clean and fair fish news! is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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