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Hyderabadi Cuisine
Hyderabadi Cuisine

Culinary Secrets Of Hyderabadi Cuisine

One of the most attractive aspects of the Andhra Pradesh cuisine is Hyderabadi food, said to be amongst the best kept culinary secrets of the Indian subcontinent. It is renowned for its aromatic and rich flavours and has a distinguishable taste due to its liberal use of ghee and fragrant spices.

One secret of Hyderabadi cuisine is its use of fresh, rather than dried, fruits. Its preparation of non-vegetarian dishes is also a speciality, in particular its use of lamb. Biryani - one of India’s most popular dishes - is an integral part of the cuisine: meat or vegetables with flavoured rice.

Hyderabadi cuisine draws its inspiration from Mughlai and Persian cuisine and has developed its style of cooking since the Asaf Jahi period. As a result, Hyderabadi cuisine is a perfect hybrid of typical Mughlai flavours combined with a mixture of rich spices.

The cuisine also involves food infusions with a lot of aromas. Flower-water used in its dishes leaves a wonderful fragrance within the food. As for the presentation, the way a dish looks is extremely important, both for main dishes and desserts.

One of the main secrets of Hyderabadi cuisine, and what makes it really special, is its use of quality ingredients, carefully selected and cooked perfectly. The addition of a specific spice, herb, or condiment adds a unique texture and taste to a dish. Spices and herbs used, and the way in which food is prepared, names a dish. Murgh do pyaza -meaning “onions two ways” - was given its name as the onions are added to the dish in two variations.

Some of the rich blends that give a dish its base, commonly known as gravy, are well-kept, generational secrets, passed down through the family, or from teacher to pupil. Khansas are head cooks who are treated with much respect due to their cooking wisdom.

Indian restaurants in London are trying to let diners into the secret of this fusion cuisine. Masala Zone, for example, serves up some of the most famous Hyderabadi dishes, such as biryanis and kebabs (from the north), delicate kormas and unique desserts. Their dishes have hints of southern preferences, too, with herbal flavours of curry leaves and coriander, a touch of sourness with the use of tamarind, the nuttiness of sesame and peanuts, and spices such as dried red chillies and mustard seeds. With seven locations around London, including Covent Garden, Soho, and Camden Town, there is no excuse not to sample the secrets of Hyderabadi cuisine. 

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Culinary Secrets Of Hyderabadi Cuisine
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