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Santa Cruz beach
Santa Cruz beach

Discovering America: Fun and frolic at the pristine Santa Cruz beach

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Santa Cruz, an evergreen beach city of California, then you’ll be lucky enough to be welcomed by the cool breeze coming in from the blue waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the warmth of the bright Sun shining atop your head will instantly relive your weary body as well as soul of their heavy burden and bring back the liveliness you may have been yearning to get back for quite sometime now.

You’ll be mesmerized by the jaw-dropping view of the Santa Cruz coastline. The sea water is somewhat cobalt in appearance when compared to the serene blue color of the sky. The splashing of the waves on the rocks will sound more melodious than what the legendary Beatles could ever produce.

When you are in Santa Cruz you’ll be greeted with the awesome beauty and handicrafts of nature. While driving around the area, you may find a natural bridge that speaks in volumes about the care and love of nature for its fellow mortals. The chirping of hundreds of birds on both sides of the bridge will keep you in shock and awe. There is lot to discover in Santa Cruz. All along the way, you’ll be able to spot the softness in the sandy beaches of the resort town that are more or less 46 km in length. This is what makes the coastline of Santa Cruz so different and sophisticated.

Accordingly, you’ll be glad to know that Santa Cruz has been gifted with a unique treasure and that you’ll unravel only if you travel throughout the place extensively. This has made the travelers across the globe inquisitive about its beauty and attractiveness which propelled Santa Cruz as one of the best tourist location in the whole of America.

In case you drive down to the famed locality of West Cliff, then you’ll definitely come across the popular ‘Santa Cruz Surfing Museum’. This tourist destination is situated in a lighthouse. Initially, you may get a bit perturbed with its size but then it has got some of the most wonderful artifacts you may ever come across in this life. Take for instance, the vintage redwood surfboards or one-of-its kind wetsuits you may not take your eyes off that has been the handiwork of Jack O’Neill, the pioneer designer of the surf industry.

Apart from that, you may well find it quite welcoming to surf in one of the most well-known surfing spots in the whole of United States which is known as Steamer Lane. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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