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purchase Stephen Ward tickets
purchase Stephen Ward tickets

Discover the top ten reasons why you should purchase Stephen Ward tickets

Are you a theatre fan? If so, then the must-see show of 2013 is definitely Stephen Ward. This musical is set to make its debut on the West End in December. If you haven’t purchased your Stephen Ward tickets yet then snap them up before it is too late. Here are the top ten reasons why…

  1. It is a true story

Many people would agree that the plot of a production is so much more fascinating when it is a true story. The impact of the emotion felt is much more and the story is more captivating.

  1. Fascinating plot

The plot is a truly fascinating one. You embark on an emotional roller-coaster. At one moment you are experiencing the highs of Stephen Ward. He is popular and best friends to all of the stars and important people of society. The next minute you are at rock bottom as you see his world fall apart and his character take an immense battering. This story will have you engaged from the moment it begins.

  1. Part of British history

The Profumo Affair is one of the most notable political scandals of recent times. The fallout that occurred as a result was monumental. The conservative party took a major hit. If you were alive to witness the 1963 scandal then you will love seeing it played out from a different perspective. If you are of the younger generation then this will enrich your knowledge of UK history.

  1. Andrew Lloyd Webber

Is there a bigger name in the world of musicals than Andrew Lloyd Webber? He is responsible for the music of the show and thus you can be assured that you are in for a treat.

  1. Christmas showings

Stephen Ward opens for its official night on Thursday 19th December and there are productions taking place all through the Christmas period. Not only would this make an excellent gift but it is a great activity to enjoy during the festive season. Furthermore, convenience is enhanced because a lot of people tend to have time off during this period.

  1. Richard Eyre

Richard Eyre, or should we say Sir Richard Charles Hastings Eyre CBE, directs the show. He is one of the most prominent figures in theatre, film, television and opera. If this doesn’t fill you with confidence that the show is a fantastic one then nothing will.

  1. Fantastic cast

The cast of Stephen Ward the Musical definitely warrant a mention. Stephen Ward himself is played by Alexander Hanson. Other notable actors and actresses include Charlotte Spencer, Daniel Flynn, Charlotte Blackledge, Anthony Calf and Joanna Riding.

  1. Cheap ticket prices

You can find Stephen Ward tickets for a mere £15. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to enjoy this fantastic show. Tickets range from £15 to £67.50. Thus Stephen Ward the Musical definitely caters to all budgets.

  1. Aldwych Theatre

This incredible musical is going to take place at the Aldwych Theatre. Anybody who knows anything about this form of entertainment will know that the Aldwych Theatre boasts a phenomenal and world famoushistory. There is nowhere better to enjoy a musical production.

  1. Something all can enjoy

It is difficult to find a production that caters to all personalities. However, Stephen Ward has something for everybody to enjoy. It is perfect for partners who want to spend quality time together.

Keira Rose has been a qualified theatre show review for eight years. She provides her opinions for a wealth of different online publications. She has recently purchased Stephen Ward tickets for the preview and can’t wait to see the show. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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