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Thirty Seconds
Thirty Seconds

Thirty Seconds: Creating Emotions, Instilling Wish

Thirty Seconds is an Italian Factory specialized in Communication, formed by dynamic and expert professionals in the field of Video Production and Event Organizing &Planning.

Use of videos in Business as well as in Music industry, represents in today’s Communication a key strategic activity for a Management who wants to ride the wave of the opportunities offered by the Web and Social Networks.

Thirty Seconds is capable to produce State-of-Arts videos, regardless their use, should it be Viral, Advertising, Music clip, On Line Video Marketing, Tutorial or Institutional: Quality is always our stable reference. Cool ideas with high communication impact, together with technical competence gained in several years in making and directing films and TV shows, are the real added value of this team of creative people.

Still talking about the most capturing forms of communication, Events represent a real booster and a very effective way to build strong and long lasting relationship with your audience (customers, employees, partners and other market operators).

As a matter of fact, customers and prospects are definitively convinced about the competence and capability of a given Company to meet their expectations, only once they have experienced the care and professionalism that the Company demonstrated organizing an Event (e.g. a marketing event, a launch of a new product or service, an exhibition, a music show case, etc). Not to mention the internal impact of an Event in terms of cooperation, reputation and acceptance by our employees, workers and business partners.
Thirty Seconds can produce impressive and impacting turnkey events, from the concept down to the organization, enabling your company to exceed your audience expectations. A Thirty Seconds Event can last in your audience's mind forever...

Whatever your dream is, Thirty Seconds is your Italian Creative Way... is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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