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Greece sailing
Greece sailing

Greece sailing: when love for Greece meets the passion for sailing, the perfect match with Greece by Sailing

When you really can’t live without Greece, its glorious beaches, when all you want to do is live the nightlife of the islands and at the same time you want to visit as many places as possible, all you have to do is choose Greece by Sailing: with its sailboat Plenis Velis, this Italian company will allow you to spend an amazing time in the Dodecanese Archipelago, with some quick visits to the Cyclades.

Guided by skipper and deck officer Jacopo, the charter sails from June till beginning of October for trips lasting one or two weeks: Greece sailing has never been so beautiful and rewarding. You will discover mysterious beaches, forgotten islands among the many of the Archipelago, and at the same time enjoy the intense nightlife on the most renowned islands. These include Kos and Rhodes, the first capitals of economic development since the pre-Minoan era.

The mild temperatures are favorable for a sailboat and the dry wind Meltemi, resulting from the union of different currents, allows a safe and light journey: the ideal choice for a group of friends looking for adventure and passion at the same time, who want to admire the beauties of the Aegean sea, of the mainland, of the islands, so rich in flora and with the typical lizards lying in the sun.

Of course, arranging a sailboat trip is not easy, and this is why it is necessary to travel with friends and companions you get along well with, so that you can plan a holiday under the sign of entertainment, but also of economy. It is in fact fundamental to share the same ideas for the journey: whether it means eating in typical restaurants or purchasing the lunch at the local supermarket, or just coping with the ordinary setbacks that often make life hard.

For its guests, Greece by Sailing advises to bring with them a light, basic luggage: a few clothes, several swimsuits, a good sun cream and, for those who love diving, flippers and mask – in several occasions it will be possible to admire the seabed and its beauties. At the moment of departure, it is right to choose the cabins, while the skipper will manage the arrangement onboard.

Greece sailing will never be the same: the travel itinerary will change every week, allowing the stay onboard of different passengers, first and foremost those who have booked a two weeks’ holiday well in advance. For those who book up to three months before the trip there is in fact a discount by 5% for the first week, while the second week, if booked as well, will be discounted by 10%. Yet, these are not the only advantages provided by Greece by Sailing. At the moment of the booking, and through its website, the company offers several types of mini-cruises, ideal for those who love well-being and relax, the sea, the land and good food. For those who are looking for a different balance, there is also the possibility of a holiday for singles. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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