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How Can Advertise
How Can Advertise

How Can a Web Hosting Company Advertise Their Services by Blogging?

Whenever any person is looking for hosting, he or she searches it on Google or any other search engine. Keeping that in view, web hosting companies have started blogging to get their company indexed on all the top search engines that exists.

What kind of blogging is required for an advertisement purpose?

Well, that’s pretty simple; you are just required to write a variety of content on your website, besides that, you will have to use keywords like “web hosting company” or the name of your company “xyz company” for a reasonable amount of times to make your content search engine optimized.

Content should also be informative at the same time:

To be frank, I am not going to read any such article that only contains a keyword for so many times without giving any information, hence, it would be just a waste of time if you are only looking to make your content SEO optimized without considering the fact that no one is going to read that piece of shit.

A web hosting website should contain all kind of ways to get in touch:

Let’s suppose, if your customer sends you an email and no one is there to respond them, what is going to happen? Your customer will simply go for any other company to get a quick response.

I would suggest you to setup a 24 hours dedicated operator chat service on your website, so that you never miss a customer, besides that, to keep your customers satisfied, you will have to make sure that you solve all their problems within time.

Weekly Newsletters:

You can keep yourself connected with the customers all the time by sending them new offers and birthday wishes in their mail box. No one can deny the fact that mails have got their own importance because all kind of business work and important messages are delivered through emails.

Sharing your blog posts on different social media websites:

Social media websites like, facebook, twitter, youtube, tumblr and many others have made a very important place in the daily lives of people and considering that, blog owners should use this medium to engage their previous customers and also make new customers on it.

Paid advertisements:

Paid advertisements on these social media websites are going to benefit you a lot because you can target all your customers without any hassle.

Free advertisements:

You can hire a social media professional, who can manage all your accounts on different social media websites like facebook, twitter, Youtube and others. As we all know that these days, websites are made in such a way that all the sharing options are made available to the visitors in the form of facebook like box, social share bar and lots of others.

When all these above mentioned things will combine with each other, you are definitely going to get lots of customers from all around the world.

Author Bio:

The article is contributed by Gloria Philips. She has several years of experience working in the web hosting industry and loves to share hosting related secrets and how to find the cheapest web hosting plans.


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