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 Vray 3D rendering
Vray 3D rendering

Vray: the best software for 3D rendering

It is almost twenty years it is on the market and still cause impression as it is always up-to-date and improved to be everyday more useful. We are talking about VRay. VRay is a specialized rendering software created by Chaos Group and utilized in many fields such as interior and exterior architectural design and 3D animation. Actually, it can be used with other 3D software such as Studio Max, Maya, and Sketchup.

VRay gives your image, whatever it is, a photo-realistic look and normally it performs a better rendering of the scenery or the objects you are designing. It is also used with 3D animation software as you can check online: many art studios and 3D animation artists use VRay settings to make more innovative their works. One of the most important features VRay has, is its wide library: there, you can choose among many lighting sets, materials and textures that you can integrate in the rendering of your design. Some of the tools are really new, such as the fog sets.

You can use this instruments in particular with VRay materials so to draw the light as it passes through the object. This tool allows to simulate the fact that thick compact elements look less crystalline than transparent objects. Obviously, the effect depends also on the size of the element you are working on and on the scenery or the environmental context. You can also strength of the effect, making the material more transparent: remember that a smaller value means more transparency while a higher value means a thicker object, extremely more opaque.

You will not work just in black and white. You can change the color of the effect by setting the parameters or give the material a progressive shadow depending on the refraction and the fog colour. You can also divide the object so to make one part more transparent than another or, you can give a completely matte object a properly reflection effect. It is just a matter of taste, design and creativity and with VRay you will have the best solution to make your design and your creations more innovative and realistic. To learn more about vray visit is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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