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Benefits of E-Learning
Benefits of E-Learning

6 Benefits of E-Learning

For many years, academic institutions have been using traditional modes of learning without knowing the benefits of using new technology in teaching such as e-learning. E-learning is one of the ways that academic institutions can use if they want to enhance their levels to greater heights. The following are the 6 benefits of e-learning; 

Anywhere anytime learning:

Inaccessibility to education is one of the major challenges to learning especially from the scheduled timings of the classes for the learners. E-learning is one of the ways to do away with this type of learning, as most of the instructors can now easily create online courses at the same time allowing learners to access courses via Internet 24/7. This will also enable learners to take most of the course at their personal time depending on the convenience. Likewise, most of the companies can now easily schedule the online training sessions for the employees thus increasing performance in the end.

Cutting down training costs:

Since most of the learning often takes place through internet, most of the companies don’t often need to set up dedicated classrooms whenever they want to hold these training sessions for the employees. Most of them often use training software to offer virtual classrooms at the same time organizing employee training online to reduce on the cost. 

Instant feedback & results:

E-learning software often provide instructors with the basic features like automated grading and certification process, online assessment, advanced reports and other online tools. This will help the instructors to expedite grading as well as certification process while providing a detailed and prompt feedback to the learners.

Current content:

E-learning software often allows instructors to develop e-courses by using familiar tools such as PowerPoint, Word, and PDF etc. This means that the content of these courses can always be easily updated through uploading fresh content at any time. Moreover, the students can also take full internet advantage to enhance their accessibility to courses through importing live, free web and interactive content like YouTube videos, wikis, log posts, or any other webpage.

Comprehensive learning:

The learning experience is also more comprehensive as trainers and teachers can make sure of different teaching aids, to assist their learners assimilate while retaining information better. This e-learning software also allows instructors/ teachers to upload different types of learning materials like articles, videos, slide-shares, and MP3 etc. This definitely gives learners a freedom to choose the mode of learning that suits them best.

Moving with the times:

With growth of new technology like Web 2.0 , cloud computing, and the surge in most mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and using phone systems direct, e-learning has indeed taken up a new dimension today by new learners accessing information right from their smartphones as well as via social media sites. In such scenarios, e-learning software often help instructors to maintain pace with changes in technologies. This has enabled them create courses that learners can access right from their smartphones or other mobile device using internet access. Remember that Instructors can also engage one another in social learning through sharing courses on Twitter and Facebook among other social networks. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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