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Printer Support
Printer Support

Things We Need To Know About Dell Printer Support

Dell is mainly seen as a personal computer manufacturer by many. Apart from manufacturing desktops, laptops and computer peripherals, they also sell servers, MP3 players, Phones, HDTVs, printers, cameras and electronics that are produced by other brands. Dell has been selling printers since 2002 – with more than a decade experience in printing technology, they are one of the favorite printer makers around the globe. There are many reasons to choose a Dell printer over other brands in the market. One beneficial reason people go for Dell is the award winning support.

Understanding Dell Printer Limited Hardware Warranty

Dell branded printers may come with one, two, three, four, or five-year of limited hardware warranty. Extension of warranty is also offered by Dell. Dell provides warranty service through parts or product dispatches, telephone and onsite-support. Before you get in touch with your technical support executive, conceive the type of warranty your printer is covered under. To figure out the warranty with which your dell printer or Dell printer ink came with, take a look at the packing slip, receipt, invoice or sales doc.

If you had not bought any special warranty, it is more likely that your printer is covered under Dell limited hardware warranty support. The warranty period however depends on the type or series of Dell printer you have bought. For instance, an entry-level Dell inkjet would come with 1 year warranty, and high-end 5-series workgroup printer will come with 3 year limited hardware warranty.

What is covered and what is not?

The limited warranty covers defects in your printer or newly bought printer peripherals like chords, adapters, and printer ink. It doesn’t cover, OS support, 3rd party software or hardware to work with your printer, accident/abuse, and normal wear and tear.

There are several ways you can get support for your Dell printer.

Dell Online Knowledge Base

Would you like to do it yourself and don’t wish to wait in queue while trying to call the technical support team and end up listening to flute music for 30 minutes before you could actually talk to a real person? The Dell online self-support knowledge base is for you. Most of the printer issues are quite easy to resolve and it is always good to check out their online knowledge base for solutions rather than ringing the call center right away. Apart from finding troubleshooting tutorials for printer issues, you will be able to get latest printer drivers and firmware for your computer and printer manual if you have lost the original manual from the support website.

Dell Technical Support

If you did not find much luck with the self-support website, you should probably call the experts for assistance. Before you call, make sure you have the product’s service tag number with you. This is probably the first thing the support executive will ask you for. The service tag number is a 7 digit alpha-numeric found on the label of your Dell printer. If the service tag on the label is hard to read or tampered, you can provide the order number of your product found on the packing slip, receipt or invoice. If you don’t have the service tag or the order number, you should at least be able to provide your full name and telephone number you have provided when you purchased your product.

Clearly explain the problem you are having with your printer or printer ink cartridge and the technical support executive will be able to help resolve the issue. In some cases the agent might ask you to install a Dell proprietary support software called "Dell Connect" to gain remote access to your computer and fix the issue. Once your issue has been resolved, you can also order printer ink cartridges. The technical support executives make a small commission when they make a sale after providing support, so they are likely to sell you printer peripherals and accessories for a discount price. Or if you are one of those smart ones you can always buy compatible OEM cartridges from online retailers. The non-Dell OEM cartridges that you can buy from retailers like Ink Station are usually low-cost and deliver the same print quality.

Keep in mind that you can get support from Dell technical support, even if the warranty of your printer has expired. Only that you will not get hardware replacements and on-site support.

Dell Community Support

If you are not in a hurry to fix to your printer or wish to talk to technical support executive or browse the self-help knowledge base, you can make use of the Dell community support. The Dell community support is a forum where you can post questions regarding your Dell product and and responses from other Dell users and support executives. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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