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Better Lighting
Better Lighting

Refurbish your Office with Better Lighting to Conserve More Energy

Lighting is definitely the largest cause any office for which maximum energy is spent. Older office premises used to have more number of light sources along with more intensity and brightness. But the theme of any modern decor is ‘less is more’. Considering the need for saving energy and money in terms of increasing price for electricity, the offices should be refurbished with new lights in order to save electricity.

Proper lighting is very important for an office as the employees need correct amount of light to complete different tasks. It has been reported that around 70% of the commercial establishments of UK still waste energy through inefficient use of lighting. The points to be remembered for optimum use of light energy are:

  • The lighting should be sufficient to perform all the tasks in a comfortable way.
  • There should be no glare or contrast from the light.
  • The lighting must have right amount of brightness and intensity.

Right amount of lighting is important in an office for following reasons:

  • Excessively bright light might produce fatigue in employees while proper amount of light provides the comfort required for work.
  • Soothing light is helpful in maintaining good work decorum and pleasant ambience for the employee.
  • Good light increases the efficiency and enthusiasm in work.

To ensure better lighting, an office must follow some simple rules:

Decide the lighting pattern before renovation of the office

The pattern, colour and brightness of the lights to be installed should be planned first and the lamps should be picked up before the selection of fixtures. If it is done in opposite way, the lighting is definitely going to exceed than what is actually needed.

Improved quality of lights

LED and some other kinds of lamps are available in market, which are more efficient in energy saving than what was available before. An expert can design the optimum lighting with high performance, as he has good knowledge of new standards in market.

Awareness among employees

The facility people along with the other employees should be cautious about the misuse of light energy. One should turn off the lights when he/she leaves office after day’s work. The facility persons and management stuffs should be trained about the designs and the way it functions. They should also have the know-how of the complete maintenance of lighting system.

Using natural light

Natural sun light, which comes through windows and skylights, can be used for working in day time. But one should be aware of excessive glare of sunlight and a simple screen or blind can be used to evade the problem.

Avoid use of decorative lighting

Some decorative lights should be installed for the improvement of decor of the office but their usage should be restricted in order to ensure maximum saving of energy.

Using mock-up

Mock-up is a tool that is used by the facility managers to save the energy as much as possible. It is useful during conversion of the existing lighting system or the introduction of new one to taste the quality problem of lighting.

It is a good idea to refurbish the old lighting system of the office, as it helps in saving electric bill. Poor lighting can harm the morale of the employees and can cause tiredness, headache or eyestrain. Paying attention to the illumination system of the workplace is always worthy for many reasons.

Author’s Bio: Steve Dixon was ex-facility manager in a multinational company of UK. After retirement, he is working for an NGO to increase the awareness for saving energy. He thinks unnecessary use of Office Lighting and lighting in commercial establishments is the major reason for energy loss. Steve is a nature lover and loves gardening at free time. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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