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benefits of wool rugs
benefits of wool rugs

Is it really worth investing so much for wool rugs?


Rugs are being used since long time for covering the floor as well as enhancing the beauty of the interior. They are found in widely varied materials, shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. It might be really baffling while you are given so many options for selection. But if you emphasize on durability, richness of colour and texture, stain-resistance and eco-friendly nature for your rug, wool will be your best choice.

Wool is a natural fibre that comes from animal fur. These types of rugs are generally hand woven and have bright colours and patterns. Wool rugs are easy to maintain. They look very stylish and elegant when you use them to accent the look of your room. They could be a little bit expensive, but the money spent could be a good investment if you consider following reasons:

1. Wool is more durable

Wool rugs are natural and more durable compared to other materials. They can have a cotton base or a wool base, which make them sturdier. If water or other liquids spill on wool rugs, the material is not harmed after it is dried

2. Easy to clean

Maintenance and cleaning are easier for woollen rugs. Wool is washable and can be dry-cleaned also. You can also use an organic cleaner to clean these types of rugs.

3. Wool is fire resistant

Fire resistance is another good attribute for wool rugs. It is very safe to use at residential homes and offices. Fire-safety is the reason why wool is chosen as the main fabric for rugs and curtains in the kids’ room.

4. Wool is highly sustainable

Wool is generally collected from sheep’s fur, which grows back real quick for most of the species. You can actually prune a sheep many times in its life for collecting wool. The carpets made from synthetic fibres, on the other-hand are mostly made of petroleum by products, which are non-natural and non-renewable.

5. Wool is more eco-friendly

The carpets made of different fabrics other than wool mostly contain volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are carbon compounds that are characterized by low solubility in water and high vapour pressure. VOC contributes in forming smog and is one of the major causes for Sick Building Syndrome. It also plays role in causing indoor air pollution. If VOC is present in rugs, curtains or paintings, it might cause nausea, headache and other health related problems and might result in many acute or persistent health issues. If used in high concentration, they can be even carcinogenic. Wool is among the few natural fibres that are free of VOCs and are completely safe for using in home.

6. Choice from green spectrum

Based on the chemicals present in the fabric, the woollen rugs are classified in three major spectrums under green spectrum that ranges from light green to dark green. While light green spectrum wool is 100% pure and toxicity level is low, though some synthetic materials might be present. The dark green spectrum has no synthetic dye, free of any chemicals and the toxicity level is ultra-low. The dark green spectrum wool is very expensive, while the light green one costs less.


Wool rugs are biodegradable, sustainable, chemical free and safe to use at home. Wool rugs have classy look with rich colours and intricate patterns and are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your home. The high expense is really worthy when you think of many benefit of wool rugs.


Author’s Bio: Alece Aires is an environmentalist, who arranges many campaigns in favour of using natural materials for everyday use. Alece speaks about using wool and other natural fibres in curtains, rugs and other interior materials. She has written many articles and blogs about the usability and benefits of natural fabrics. Apart from her job, Alece is also interested in interior designing. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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