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Tosti italian wines
Tosti italian wines

Tosti: italian wines

Many of the oldest vineyards are located across various regions of Italy. In fact, Italy is home to some of the world's finest wines. Tosti is recognised for its quality and uniqueness and it qualifies, on an international level, as a premier brand. The company is based in Canelli, Italy's Asti region, where the Moscato Bianco grape originates.

A large percentage of Italian wines are produced here. Tosti is owned by the Bosca family, who have brought years of experience to the table, while the Tosti technical staff, work hand in hand with the management, delivering a broad selection of wines and alcoholic beverages that are superior in quality and taste. Tosti has been in operation since 1820 and the Bosca family have been perfecting the brand, for seven generations. Grapes, produced on the Tosti estate, are cultivated within a microclimate and a special amalgamation of soil, covering 9,120 hectares of land.

Tosti represents tradition and creativity, merging the two elements, to ensure the final product is exceptional in every way. Tosti beverages consist of white wines, sparkling wine, spirits, bitters and aperitifs and are enjoyed by people all over the world. Tosti products are suitable for celebrations, perfect for romantic dinners and an excellent choice for quiet nights in. Moscato wine is a classic collection. It includes Pink Moscato, a delicate blend of fragrant wine. This product is the perfect accompaniment to meals. Moscato Spumante is an aromatic, bubbly, white wine that compliments desserts and meals very well. Moscato d'Asti Tosti is a fruity, sweet and light sparkling white wine, with a clean crisp quality. It goes well with seafood and desserts. Each year Tosti receive awards and certificates, for their wines, from various international accredited certification bodies. These awards illustrate the impeccable reputation that Tosti has established, through due diligence and absolute dedication, throughout its 200 years in operation.

The company, is presently managed by husband and wife team, Giovanni Bosca and Maria Cristina. Both are committed and dedicated to the brand. This, coupled with the efforts of their team of highly skilled and experienced technical production staff, yields excellence. Quality is of prior importance and health and hygiene, self-control and quality management systems in place, ensure the Tosti brand stays on top of its game. Tosti strives for perfection and the team is driven to constantly deliver a superior product.

The design of Tosti bottles are quite distinctive and striking. Silhouettes are shapely, evoking sophistication, class and exclusivity. The Bosca family remain consistent, always aiming to improve upon their product. Their numerous awards prove that they have continued to excel and reach greater heights, creating exceptional wines and alcoholic beverages, for consumers to enjoy. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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