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copper tube for refrigeration
copper tube for refrigeration

Bcf, leader company on processing copper tube for refrigeration, heating, heat exchangers

BCF Italia is one of the European leader company on processing copper tube for refrigeration, heating, heat exchangers, compressed air, solar thermal, coffee machines, and to all other special applications. Recognition, to have become the reference in Europe for this type of components, that came after decades of experience in the industry that, in the constant search by the day, led to carefully select all the raw materials in order to ensure quality, durability and customization to the final product.

The professionals working within BCF Italia represent excellence in all professional fields involved, from designers to import export manager until you get to the specialists in the production characterized by precision and customization of the final product. But the professionalism of the specialists within BCF Italia does not just skills acquired but is characterized by the constant search for improvement using the innovations arising from research and constant training. A daily commitment that aims at achieving ambitious and challenging at the same time to be able to confirm every day benchmark for the Italian and European markets.
BCF Italy is able to produce a wide range of components that allow it to adapt to all the requirements and system types, from the simplest to the most complex passing from those tailored to particular buildings, public or private. A constant drive is aimed at optimizing the performance of machines to which it tends, thanks to the skill and expertise of the technicians within the company, through the proposal of alternative solutions loves both functional ones and used as standards. Particular attention is devoted to daily production, flexibility in quantities and to customer satisfaction that inevitably passes through on-time delivery, customer care and supervision in the final cut.

Rely on BCF Italia you will have in fact not only the certainty of a product of certified technical performance and quality, but also to have a team of professionals ready to provide expert advice and specialized at any time and for any kind of machinery. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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