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The Most Esteemed VPN Providers
The Most Esteemed VPN Providers

Top 10 VPN - The Most Esteemed VPN Providers

VPN services have become the part and parcel of modern day browsing where there are lots of restrictions on browsing certain websites from certain locations. But which VPN service is credible and which one should you use? Here is a list of Top 10 VPN with their particular specialties that will help you choose the one that suits you best.

  1. Express VPN

It’s the best choice for you if you are looking for best VPN service for USA whether you are a domestic or international user. It’s a simple VPN with great speed and can make your anonymous browsing experience worthwhile. It offers multiplatform support like Windows, iOS, Android, and OSX and is available at a cheap price as well.


Golden Frog, the international consortium, runs this top notch VPN service and it is based in Switzerland. It offers a couple of encryption mechanisms to make sure that your personal information remains safe. You can enjoy 3 connections simultaneously using this PRO VPN with no logs at all.

  1. Mullvad

It’s yet another privacy-focused non-US choice and features wonderful OSX, Linux, and Windows client combined with protection against DNS leaks. It accepts Bitcoins and is a cheap VPN service that offers optimum speed as well.

  1. Liquid VPN

Liquid VPN is one of the new VPN providers and is based in the US. The service is gaining popularity as they have adopted some of the innovative technologies like modulating IPs. This ensures that your IP keeps changing and you’re almost untraceable on the internet. There are no logs maintained and the client comes with customizable scripts. It’s a cheap choice and allows 4 connections simultaneously.

  1. Iron Socket

If you are one of those privacy minded US residents, then this is the top VPN choice for you. This service provider is based in Hong Kong and makes use of shared IP addresses. The servers are located across 27 countries and your anonymity is taken seriously. The top notch service is also supported by ‘money back guarantee’.

  1. IP Vanish VPN

With this VPN provider, you can enjoy access to the VPN servers across 63 countries and that too at a nominal price. It offers a great blend of value and speed that makes it the favorite for many. They manage a network of their own and offer reliability and excellent performance together.

  1. OverPlay VPN

It allows you to have unlimited access to SmartDNS and VPN. The VPN client is nice and easy and allows you to get connected to almost any server. Get connected to streaming sites like BBC or Netflix easily with this ultimate choice.

  1. HideMyAss VPN

It comes with easy access to the VPN servers located across 172 countries. It is long known in personal VPN area and is a credible choice for any kind of anonymous browsing. However, you may have speed issues sometimes. But overall, it’s a top notch VPN client.

  1. Pure VPN

It is the product of GZ systems that is based in Hong Kong. They’re one of early entrants in the industry of personal VPN. The simple goal that they service is to offer online security as well as unblocking websites that are geographically restricted.

  1. Strong VPN

Their network infrastructure makes them different from the rest. Their servers aren’t overcrowded and that’s the thing that matters in terms of optimum speed. There is, however, a limitation on switching servers. This way, their team manages all server locations as well as individual servers for ensuring utmost reliability and excellent speed.

Choose any of these top 10 VPN and you can browse online while keep your identity safe! is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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