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VPN New Zealand
VPN New Zealand

VPN New Zealand - How Fast Do You Expect It To Be

With the help of a VPN you're allowed to use the internet while ensuring that your connections remain private. VPN New Zealand is really a convenient way of browsing on the internet while keeping your identity hidden. Speed is often a major concern when using a VPN service and many people are very conscious about it. Well, the speed of a VPN can be fast like any other connection and it can be even faster when a high speed internet connection is present at both ends. However, certain things can be done for making sure that you get the best possible speed while browsing internet through a VPN New Zealand.

Size of Authentication Key

If you are allowed by the VPN service provider to choose size of the authentication key then it is advisable to go for a smaller size as this will be helpful in boosting the speed of the VPN connection that will be established. It is for Tunnelblick software and opens VPN clients. Normally the open VPN generates 128 bit data channel along with 256 bit control channel. Both these channels are encrypted. Most of the times you are allowed by the VPN providers to lower down control channel size to 128 bits as this help in reducing connection time to a great extent.

Little Tweaks for Speeding Up The VPN

The speed of your VPN New Zealand can also be increased if you replace the host name of your VPN with server's IP address. Another simple way of increasing the speed of your VPN is to run it directly on a computer with faster CPU as it will lower connection time, increasing the VPN speed as a result. So, avoid running VPN on some router. It is also very much important to maintain stable connection in order to determine the actual speed of your VPN New Zealand.

Optimizing The Speed Further

In order to get the optimized speed, it is necessary that you select the right VPN New Zealand service provider. It is advisable to go for a service provider who maintains a server with least possible data packet losses, having 0% would be idea. Do firewall settings in a manner that allows the VPN to work unrestrictedly. Even though there may not be any restrictions placed by firewall on the VPN, it can still slow down your CPU speed while scrutinizing all the network packets.

Server Location Matters

When you're looking for fast speed VPN New Zealand, it should be kept in mind that the server location is important. If the server is located in a far off country then it will slow down the speed of your VPN connection. The simple reason behind it is that data packets take more time for travelling to and from the VPN to server. The communication speed between the server and your computer can easily be checked with the help of ping command.

So, these are some of the points that matter when it comes to the speed of your VPN connection. It is advisable to make realistic expectations and try some of the tweaks mentioned above to optimize the speed. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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