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holidays in Madagascar
holidays in Madagascar

Unbelievably holidays in Madagascar between the surf and the windsurf

Plenty of relaxation and leisure activities are offered to the visitors during a holiday in Madagascar. They can have about a littoral 5,500 kilometres long for a trip focused on aquatic activities.

Madagascar: an ideal destination for the surf and the windsurf

For decades, Madagascar is known all over the world for its rich, various biodiversity. Among other examples, this island provides a habitat for from 6 to 8 species of the existing baobab in the world by itself. To view with one's own eyes this rich flora and fauna of this island, a great number of travellers set foot on its territory every year as they are in search of an authentic nature.

Yet it is less known by the holidaymakers that Madagascar also has a myriad of sites suitable for all kinds of nautical leisure activities such as the surf and the windsurf including the cruise, the diving, and the snorkelling. In the course of the last years, the holidays in Madagascar becomes a special moment for the surfers and the windsurfers from all over the world to gather

A lot of spots in many regions of Madagascar

The windsurf lovers will appreciate their trip to Madagascar if they make a detour towards the far north of the island. In Diego-Suarez there are enough optimum conditions to go surfing between March and December every year thanks to lots of trade winds. Thus the beautiful bay of Diego-Suarez becomes a place for various windsurf events very often. Many operators practise in this part of the country, offering to rent out complete equipments to all those interested.

On the east coast, the small town of Mahambo is a place dedicated to the surf. at a distance of less than a hundred kilometres in the north of Toamasina, the site has an area of sand facing directly the breaking waves of the Indian Ocean. Here the novices as well as the more skilled surfers will find what to do in an environment dominated by the blue of the ocean. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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