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Wear Studded Shoes
Wear Studded Shoes

How to Wear Studded Shoes in Every Occasion

There are so many types of shoes for women to try from, but none of them can match studded shoes. Of course, there are many types of studded shoes for every occasion leaving you as the trendiest lady around. The list of studded shoes can be discussed the whole day as there is everything for everyone to fit in.

With many varieties to choose from studded shoes become very versatile. Additionally, they don't need to be flashy as they can be paired with any outfit. If you think the shoes are only for disco dancers and stage performers, you're very wrong. There are many ways to wear studded shoes, it all depend on your style. Here are few tips how to do it.

  • Studded heels – These are the most versatile shoes and can work perfectly well with an everyday outfit. Additionally, they can be used in adding an element of fun to the dressier outfit, and they won't clash with anything. Studded heels are most preferred for dinner occasions for their elegance taste.
  • Studded sneakers – Sneakers are among the coolest shoes ever. The perception that sneakers were meant for jogging or gym time is passed by time. Additionally, who doesn't want to look trendy every time? They give the sense of elegance and at the same time serve those who love flat shoes well. There are wide range of sneakers to choose from it will depend on your taste
  • Studded boots – What kind of boot are you wearing? The answer gives one the type of boot to wear. The best thing about boots is their universal state. They have hundreds of choices to go with. Additionally, boots are meant for any occasion and season.

Studded shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes are easy to wear and comfortable. Everyone at one point needs an edge. When you have a conservative outfit or an outfit that is made from basic materials that need a little punch, studs are the best. Never forget to wear the right studded shoe for the right occasion or else you will feel out of place. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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