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Las Vegas Times For Small Dimes
Las Vegas Times For Small Dimes

Las Vegas Times For Small Dimes

Las Vegas, the City of Sin in the United States, though recent years have seen it become more and more family friendly. The city has it all, shows, dining, gambling, and each and every attraction from the slots to the hotels is designed to suck extra money out of your wallet. It’s true the house always wins and Vegas is place to make and lose a fortune in a single night, but you can help curb your bets and get luck back on your side a little.

Plan Ahead
One of the biggest money savers is to plan ahead, for as much as possible. Booking anything from airfare to shows, to hotels runs the risk of not only lesser seats than you want but not having any at all. Last minute tickets or reservations almost always get a mark-up as well since you are that much more despite for the service.  Planning ahead and booking in advance will save you stress, make sure you get the tickets or reservations you want, and ensure you aren’t victim of last minute mark-ups. These make sure not only you have more money to spend or gamble but you’ll have a more relaxing time doing so as well. 

Las Vegas offers a wide variety of restaurants and buffets. Very high end dinning is fine and good but expensive. For day to day meals the best option is the buffet, yes these have a stigma for being low quality most places, but Vegas is place for rule breaking. Often times these low price gems offer higher quality food then one would expect and the prices for them even if you are not going for quantity cannot be beat. Save the fine dining for one or two times, the rest use hotel meal deals and buffets to save on the day to day. 

In all honestly drinking shouldn’t be done while gambling, but if you insist this will help you save so you have more money to loose. Do not buy drinks at a bar, just don’t, if you’re old enough to drink in the States your old enough to be on the casino floor. The casinos want you on the floor and have complementary deals to keep you there. You can get drinks for free from wandering waitresses and the comp manager just for spending time on the casino floor. Just spend time even if you don’t gamble. The servers do expect a tip though, and of course the better you tip the more drinks they will bring and more often. Still a dollar or two tip per drink is far cheaper than the 12 or 15 dollar cost of one at a bar. 

The Budget
Las Vegas is a place of instant entertainment; everything is just a walk down the strip, all on the fly. The city has endless temptations to spend and entice you. Making and sticking to a budget for your trip will save you in the long run than spontaneous spending.  The whole city is designed to make you spend money after all, some spontaneous spending is really unavoidable but don’t spend more than budgeted. This applies to gambling as well, win or lose when the gambling budget is gone walk away. If your luck is really good who know you this tip may not just save you money but actually see a profit. 

Avoid Gift Shops
The hotel gift shops will have almost everything you will need for your stay and specialized gifts, for a price. For general shopping from snacks, food, or clothing it is worth skipping the hotel store and instead going to a local shop or mall. Everything in these stores is at an inflated price so unless it is simply something you cannot get at a local store avoid these shops. There are the occasional exceptions of course but on average these shops are designed to keep you in the casino and squeeze you even a little bit more. So why pay the extra cost when you can just go to mall or drugstore by walking a little more? Unless the item you want is a hotel promotion you can’t by at a general store the skip this money sinks.

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