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Online sale of sacred objects: crucifixes, goblets, medals, paintings, souvenirs and much more

Peter’s Gallery is a landmark in Rome to buy objects of sacred art and religious items, both online and offline. St. Peter’s Gallery 's goal is to satisfy the needs of the faithful who wish to have first class religious gifts and jewels but also religious items that are as precious as they are economically advantageous. At St. Peter’s Gallery you can find: crucifixes, religious paintings, medals and crosses, souvenirs (such asbags, canvases, key-rings) and gifts for events such as baptism, confirmation, communion and marriage. You can also find rosaries, wooden statues and religious items such as goblets

One of the most sold products at the Peter’s Gallery are the religious paintings. There are different types of paintings: sacred icons, silver, madonna, saints, mosaics. They are meant to make the house even more beautiful, recalling one's faith and devotion. They are real works of art that communicate important religious messages. Religious paintings represent a beautiful gift for different occasions, such as marriage, baptism, confirmation or communion. The most classic is that of the Holy Family that communicates aromia and sweetness. Other highly sought-after depictions are the Christ in prayer and other reproductions of famous religious works.

At Peter’s Gallery it is possible to find gadgets and souvenirs of Rome or Italian craftsmanship, suitable gift ideas for different types of events: birthday, communion, confirmation or simply as a souvenir to give to a friend. You can choose from many types of souvenirs, for example: t-shirts, bags, plates, canvases, key rings, cups, pendants, pictures, bookmarks, magnets and much more. The canvases, for example, represent the most important moments in Christian history. They have an important artistic value. Souvenir canvases are at the same time a very beautiful gift idea and a way to furnish your home in an original and creative

Peter’s Gallery offers a vast assortment of sacred images produced with different materials such as: gold, silver, copper, bronze, aluminum and so on. These are pendants, coins, medals, crosses and rosary rings. As for the medals, they are sacred objects that are ideal as gifts on different occasions such as baptism, communion, confirmation or even a jubilee. You can buy, for example, the medal depicting the Madonna or that of the Sacred Heart, which depicts Jesus or even the medal of St. Francis. They are objects that aim to communicate their faith and religiosity to everyone. The crucifix is the main symbol of the Christian faith. At Peter’s Gallery you can choose between different types of crucifix, different in style and material: wood, stone or plastic and glass.The history of the crucifix is very ancient; indeed it dates back to the first engravings in the catacombs. In the Middle Ages the crucifix became the fundamental icon of the Christian faith. At Peter’s Gallery has a wide variety of crucifixes, from the simplest and cheapest to the most original and valuable models such as those in Murano glass that are a real jewel, perfect as a gift idea. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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