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Catskill Park, New York
Catskill Park, New York

A Visitors Guide to Catskill Park, New York State, USA

Located in the Catskill Mountains in the USA’s state of New York, Catskill Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in North America. An area of natural beauty with a wide array of flora and fauna, Catskill Park extends to around seven hundred thousand acres of land and is home to bobcat, mink, coyotes and black bear. Lying in the four counties of Ulster, Greene, Delaware and Sullivan, the park also contains the Catskill Forest Preserve. There are an estimated half million visitors every year and in this article we will look at some of the things that attract them to Catskill Park.

The Wildlife

In addition to the species already mentioned, Catskill Park is home to the white-tailed deer, the beaver, woodchuck, muskrat, weasel and possum. Predatory animals like the bobcat and fox can also be seen. Several species of mole can be found there, as well as many other small mammals such as rabbits, mice and shrews. There are also snakes, some of which, like the rattlesnake, are venomous, as well as frogs, turtles and newts. Whilst many nature lovers visit the park to observe the wildlife, others visit on hunting trips during the designated hunting season.

The Scenery

The undulating hills, spectacular mountains, green leafy forested areas, ponds and streams make Catskill Park a fantastic site for walkers, campers and photographers. In the Forest Preserve, which is one of New York’s designated Wilderness Areas, visitors are limited to largely passive activities such as hiking, camping and angling and no motorised vehicles are allowed. The Preserve represents an example of absolute tranquillity for many of its visitors.


Many visitors to Catskill Park do so in the winter season, to ski or snowboard on one or more of its many slopes. Mountain skiers tend to head for Windham Mountain, which has slopes for the beginner, the intermediate and the expert, or Plattekill Mountain, a family-run skiing resort. Also popular amongst the skiing fraternity of whatever ability, are Hunter Mountain and Belleayre Mountain. There really is something for every level of skier on the winter slopes of Catskill Park.


Any fisherman worth his salt will have heard of the unrivalled trout fishing in the rivers and streams of Catskill Park. Many consider the park to be the birthplace of fly fishing in the USA and it is no less popular now than it was in years gone by, attracting thousands of fishermen in every season. The most popular fly-fishing locations are the Beaverkill River and its principal tributary, the Willowemoc, where the trout are plentiful and the scenery resplendent.


Lovers of the culture of the USA revel in the fact that Catskill Park was originally a hunting ground of the native Mohawk Indian. Nowadays, the park attracts many visitors who want to tour the region to experience this culture. Many travel in their own vehicle whilst others prefer a guided group tour in a bus. The more adventurous who really do want to return to the old Catskills, can enjoy the park on horseback. However you choose to tour Catskill Park, there are some great hotels, camping sites and lodges where you can enjoy dinner and a good night’s sleep before continuing your trip the next morning.


There really is something for everyone in the Catskills and what makes it all the more attractive is how accessible it is to those who are staying in New York City. The drive of just over 130 miles will take around two hours and forty minutes to transport you from the city into the heart of this magnificent countryside retreat. Whether you want to hunt, fish, photograph, walk, and ski or simply admire the scenery, you should try to factor in a visit to Catskill Park as part of any vacation to New York City or New York State.

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Catskill Park, New York
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