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Twitter Apps
Twitter Apps

How Top Twitter Apps Work

Twitter has triggered the attention of people ever since it was created. The unique social networking website helped many people to stay in contact with their friends and family all over the world, at a daily basis. The tweets used in Twitter are similar to the statues on Facebook and so is everything else. However, the website gained millions of users in the first few years and continued to attain a lot more success. By 2011, it also began to give a fierce competition to Facebook as it obtained billions of users from various regions in the whole world. For mobile users, Twitter apps were created to provide them with much more convenience and fun. Soon, these apps became increasingly popular and now everyone wants to have the top ten Twitter apps.

Applications Provided by Twitter and How They Work:

The microblogging social network offers a wide range of apps to its users and the top ten Twitter apps are a must have for all individuals.

Plume and Twicca:

Plume is a free, one of the top ten Twitter apps, which enables people to colorize friends and their timeline on Twitter. It is slightly confusing at times but after using it for a while, users can become experts at the navigation and take full advantage of it. It also allows Twitter users to maintain and manage a lot of Twitter accounts, paste scrollable widgets on the home screen and mute Twitter users or applications to the maximum. The app also has a premium version, like many others apps, which is a bit costly but totally worth it. Another one of the top ten Twitter apps is Twicca. The best part of this app is that it is free of any cost and remains that way since this is the only version it has. The users have rated it to be the best app on Twitter due to its convenience and a vast range of Twitter filtering, geotagging and map previewing features.


Just when the users think that the Twitter apps are not in abundance, the top ten Twitter apps are also inclusive of HootSuite. Amongst the people, it is undoubtedly the most popular app due to its user friendly interface and customization features. It enables the users to manage their social media platforms adequately without having to struggle too much. Users can gain updates anytime and would not be bothered into doing too many efforts.


The top ten Twitter apps go on to have TweeetCaster makes the users search a particular tweet from the midst of millions of tweets in a short while. The specific topic can be easily obtained and the speak tweet options can be used to search them via speaking into the microphone or employ smart filters that display the tweets and photos which the users prefer. This magical app is included in the top ten Twitter apps list and can be downloaded for free. The other top ten Twitter apps include Ubersocial, Seesmic, Official Twitter App, Boid and TwitVid. These apps thoroughly make the usage simpler for all the users across the world.

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