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Free Zones in Dubai
Free Zones in Dubai

An Overview of Free Zones in Dubai

The Monarch of the beautiful city Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of United Arab Emirates is His kings Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Dubai is known to be one of the seven emirates of the UAE which is United Arab Emirates. It is positioned in south of the Persian Gulf which is on the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai has the one of the largest population with the second largest land by area compared to all rest emirates, after city like Abu Dhabi. These two cities Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the one emirate to have veto power over serious difficulties of nationwide positions in the nation's government. Its topographical site complete it a momentous transaction centre and by just the beginning it was an important place. A free trade zone was constructed about the Jebel Ali port in the year 1979, letting international company’s unobstructed importation of employment and export capital. 


Nowadays, Dubai has arisen as a worldwide city and a trade centre. Even though Dubai's economy was constructed on the industry of oil, presently the country's model of business, exactly alike to that of foreign countries, energies its economy, with the consequence that its main incomes are now collected from tourism or vacation industry, financial services and real estate. Dubai has lately involved global consideration through many ground-breaking large structure projects and events of sports. This augmented attention has highlighted rights of labour and rights of human’s matters regarding its mainly South Asian staff. 


The Free Zones of Dubai were made to inspire world trade and investment. In the year ‘85 the investiture of JAFZ which is Jebel Ali Free Zone shaped the standard for guidelines and inducements, showing so efficacious that the model had been derivative or plagiarized numerous times in the city like Dubai and also in the other Emirates. What the Free Zones of Dubai suggest are trade regions well furnished with all the facilities, services and communication substructure essential to set up a corporate and facility the requirement of depositors.

Usually all free zone companies in Dubai have to be possessed at least 50 percent by a United Arab Emirate National, but any businesses recorded in a Free Zone are allowable 100% foreign ownership. It’s even obtainable exception from customs duties and taxes, plus no charge on import/export. Other benefits of trading contain no limits on staffing or sponsorship. So many companies, inaugural a workplace in one of the Free Zones is an good-looking vision, particularly as Dubai is such a key site, and proposals a free marketplace atmosphere, leading-edge substructure, a booming economy, political stability, and tax free policies.


There are roughly 12 Free Zones found in the city of Dubai, The number is not fixed, very soon can be expected more;

·         Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

·         Dubai Aid City.

·         Dubai Healthcare City

·         Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

·         Dubai Sports City

·         Dubai Automobile Zone

·         Dubai Metal & Commodity Centre

·         Dubai Palm Island Development

·         Customs and Free Zone Corp

·         Dubai Textile City

·         Dubai Internet City

·         Dubai Knowledge Village

·         Dubai Silicon Oasis

·         Dubai Flower Centre

·         Dubai Logistics City

·         Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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