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How To Drive A Mustang
How To Drive A Mustang

How To Drive A Mustang Effectively - Driving Tips For Beginners

The Ford Mustang is truly an American icon; it has gone through various transformations and has been around for many generations now. Today, the Mustang has a very stylish and sporty look, which is way different from the first ones launched many decades ago.

Driving a Ford Mustang from any year gives you an extraordinary experience because of its high-performance on the road.

An Overview of the Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and was initially classed as a pony car for its compact and highly-styled design, with a sporty image. Having a successful launch in 1964, it went on to be a popular American automobile going through many alterations through the decades and now on its fifth generation, better performing and more visually-appealing.

Ford Mustang can be categorized as both a muscle car and a pony car and it comes as a 2-door 2+2 seat coupe, a 2-door convertible and a 2-door hatchback/sports roof. The fifth generation releases are more technologically-advanced offering Mustang owners, a high-performance driving experience.

Ford Mustang Driving Tips for Beginners

Ford Mustang is normally designed with a manual transmission option which makes it more fuel efficient, with better control and faster acceleration. If you are a novice driver, you may have to learn some tips to be able to truly enjoy your Mustang.

Read further for more tips:

  • Equip yourself with the ins and outs of driving a Mustang. Learn the uses of each and every component like the steering wheel, clutch, brake, gears, gear stick and other important elements required when driving.
  • Fix the driver’s seat where you can conveniently and comfortably reach the clutch.
  • Shift the gear to neutral. It should move freely from side to side.
  • Remove your foot off the clutch pedal and rest your foot on the floor.
  • Push the accelerator lightly to make sure that there’s enough fuel for ignition in the carburetor.
  • Start the engine and ensure that the handbrake is completely engaged.
  • Depress the brake with your right foot and clutch with left.
  • Put the gear stick into the 1st gear or reverse if you are trying to back out from your spot.
  • Release the brake and slowly reduce the clutch’s pressure while gradually increasing the gas pressure using your right foot. The car may stall or stop during the process, but remember practice makes perfect.
  • Before going to the next step, make sure that you are completely comfortable with your current step.
  • The next step is to depress the clutch and adjust the gear stick into second gear once you have obtained the suggested RPM for shifting. (you have to take note that Mustang year and its models differ in their numbers).
  • Keep on working on the gears until you get your preferred speed, changing between the gear stick and clutch when the right RPM is obtained.
  • Continue your practice until you are comfortable enough to drive on your own. When doing all the steps, make sure you have an expert driver beside you to guide you.


Fahad Hizam is an active motorsport and tuning writer. He regularly writes about car tuning performance and the latest in motorsport technology. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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