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Italian fashion and outlets
Italian fashion and outlets

Italian fashion and outlets

Everybody knows that one of the most important Italian economic field is based on fashion industry. The so called Italian style and the "beauty" is something that is very deeply inside the Italian culture where, for example, the terms "bello" (beautiful) and "brutto" (ugly) are often used instead of good and bad. Most of you probably also know that Italian industry is currently suffering a deep recession and that the internal market is suffering an high decrees of sells.

But the marketing guys of the top fashion brands has discovered an original way to have high product prices and quality on one hand and accessible prices for buyer on the other hand. The idea is called outlet.

Obviously the outlet formula is not new. In USA, for example, the outlets and factory stores are very commons; but in Italy the number of outlet is rapidly growing probably with a rate not existing in any other countries. Let's have a look, for example, to high number of existing italian outlet, or the outlet online available in the Italian fashion market.

What is an outlet and how can it save your money. The idea is simple. The normal shops sell you the fashion products in an usual way and at the usual price. At the end of the season when usually all the products have to be changed, the outlets (and the stock houses) buy everything from the shops at very low prices and start selling with an high discount. In this way everybody win. The shops are happy because they can easily sell what remained at the end of the season; the customers can, if they want, wait and buy at a lower price what they need; the fashion groups can increase their production knowing that the outlets can easily sell what in stock.

So if you go to Italy, do not wait and visit one of the big existing outlet. You'll find the best of Italian cloths and shoes at a very convenient price (usually with a 70% discount). is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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