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Visit Sorrento and Capri from your cruise

There is nothing like planning a good Cruise with relative excursions before going on vacation. As many tourists say, one of the best experiences is, without doubts, a cruise in the Mediterranean: first of all, there's the chance to find a good offer buying cut-price tickets if you book them in advance. But the great deal is to book a private shore excursions to visit the cities where the ship arrives. On of the typical port of arrivals is Naples, one of the jewel of the Italian coast. It is quite easy to move in this city because the port in inside it and you can see by foot many of the attractions of this place as the port is located in the city centre. But, for experience, a cruiser want to see many places in a relatively short period of time as the ship is constantly moving from one port to another.

So, when the Cruise docks, the excursion has to be the more complete as possible. That is the reason why if you stop in Naples, you can book a private shore excursion to Sorrento that include also Capri. The tour last in approximately nine hour but it worth completely because Sorrento and Capri are two of the most famous resorts where you can find history, nature and culture all together. In particular the island, apart being visually stunning, the island of Capri also has an interesting history. The excavations have shown that human presence on the island goes back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Apart that, it was a Greek settlement and during the Roman Empire the Emperor Tiberius built several holiday villas there (and in the tour you can include the visit to Villa Jovis). During the French occupation in 1806, also Napoleon stayed there. That without mentioning the beautiful landscape, with the famous rocks, Faraglioni di Capri, that have been the privileged location of many movies.

Among the various highlights there are also the museums, the monuments and the historic villas of the island. Finally, there you can taste, as well as in Sorrento, the typical liquoe made with lemons, the limoncello. So, if you land in Naples, don't loose the chance to see one of the most beautiful ports of the Italian and to book a private shore excursion to Sorrento and Capri. A specialized guide will accompany you to a precious tour of the city. You can choose among different tours, depending of the time you can spend visiting the place and your needs: but surely, you will find a great tour that can satisfy your requirements as all the trips are structured thinking in a variety of situations based on the available time and of the different needs, and trying to offer to tourists a complete and satisfactory view of the city and a good stay. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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