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How technology has affected music
How technology has affected music

How technology has affected music

Music is the one of the greatest sources of joy to the soul. Every human at certain point of his life has taken refuge in it. Today, technology is the power that runs us. We cannot think about our lives without technology. It decides mostly everything on our behalf and we allow it to integrate as part of our lives only because it makes our living better and easier. As it affects all the spheres of our lives, it is also converged in to technology.  Technology has greatly affected the way we listen and its accessibility.

It has no age. It is not loved by people of all age groups. It forms the very essence of our lives and it is because of its appeal that technology soon absorbed music in its fold. The major technological advancements are responsible for the rapid change in medium or channel of transmission. Evolution of devices/gadgets as personal medium of transmission of sound is noticeable.

  • Gramophone Record: Earliest recording of sound was played via this device. It consisted of a disc win which the sound was stored. A player with a pin would play the sound when the disc was rotated horizontally and the pin just about touched from above.
  • Tape recorder: The gramophone was replaced by the tape recorder which consisted of magnetic tapes in which the sound was recorded and a player in which the tape was inserted. The tape would then be played.
  • Compact Disc/Digital Versatile Disc: With the advent of digital technology, analog devices were replaced by digital products. CDs and DVDs are now used to store recorded sound and played via the DVD players which digitally read the sound. This technology is found in day to day gadgets like the personal computer and the laptop.
  • Memory Cards: These are small chips that have high storage capacity. These chips have the capacity to store a huge number of songs and can be easily inserted in mobile phones and other such players like MP3players.
  • Online music: Several websites are dedicated to songs. One can listen online through buffering. Websites like You Tube are visited to watch videos. Technology today provides applications on mobile phones to view the website to listen to songs through the phone, provided one has internet access ion the phone. There are other websites too that contain archives of songs of all kinds.  Online radio is also available which stream live songs on the request of the listener. Most of the websites including You tube provide their services for free. This is the greatest advantage of listening. One can also download the songs for free from websites in mp3 or other such formats.

Most of us these days do not need to separately carry a player as other gadgets (including phones) double up as players. It is more freely and easily accessible owing to the advent of the digital age.

Description: Music has gradually evolved over a period of time. Applications and gadgets for listening are way cheaper and affordable these days.

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