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5 Must Hit Bars While Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe can be one wild ride, especially if you know the best places to meet fellow travelers and locals along the way. Below are some of the top bars to check out while you are on your great adventure that will fit your budget and surely fuel incredible stories to take home with you.

As indicated by its moniker, Bar Dow Jones in Barcelona is a mock Wall Street where instead of following the stock market, visitors track the prices of shots! The entire system is based on supply and demand, so the more people order of a particular shot, the more expensive it gets – that is, until the market crashes. The escalating prices and joyous moments when prices hit rock bottom all contribute to the raucous energy that fills the bar throughout the night in Barcelona.

If you’re looking for a great place to catch a game, Red Garter is a must. As one of the most popular American-style sports bars in Florence, there’s always a huge crowd for a big match. There’s more than enough activity happening at Red Garter throughout the week that it’s sure to please everyone though. Whether you participate in their beer pong tournament, karaoke or just have a crazy time on the dance floor, prepare yourself for a wild night on the town.

If you can’t quite decide where to go in London, check out 333 Motherbar, which actually contains two adjoining, yet distinct, venues. The first, 333, is one of the oldest and well-loved clubs in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood and regularly features big name DJs on their calendar. Motherbar, on the other hand, caters more towards the local hipster population with its vintage d├ęcor and retro playlist. Whether you dedicate your night to one venue or the other, you are guaranteed to have a crazy night.

For backpackers looking to mingle with locals, stop by Bar Campus in Madrid. Because of its proximity to Universidad Complutense, Spain’s largest university, Bar Campus tends to cater to the student population. Regular beer specials and karaoke nights keep spirits high among revelers even with the ominous cloud of exams looming overhead. Although it isn’t located in the wildest party neighborhood in Madrid, Bar Campus is the ideal place to grab a pint and hangout with all of your friends, both new and old.

Although nearly half way around the world from the true outback, Ned Kelly’s Australian Bar in Munich gives its customers a taste of what it’s like to party down under. Kangaroos, crocodiles and surfing paraphernalia adorn the walls of this cozy and dimly lit space that is popular among Aussies and other English-speakers that frequent the bar. The menu furthers the Australia theme through its exotic options that feature ostrich and even kangaroo as main dishes! With its laidback vibe, Ned Kelly’s is a fantastic place to check out live bands and enjoy great food and drinks with friends.

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