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Kenya an alluring destination of magical attractions
Kenya an alluring destination of magical attractions

Kenya an alluring destination of magical attractions

Kenya is Africa’s most popular safari destination which lies across the equator in east-central Africa, on the coast of Indian Ocean. It is a country of dramatic extremes and classic contrasts where one can find deserts and alpine snows, rainforests and open plains, cosmopolitan Nairobi and tribal culture, fresh water lakes and coral reef. All this magnificent beauties makes Kenya truly magical and a worth visit destination of Africa. The country is a home to safari and for over a hundred years it has attracted adventurers and romantics from all corners of globe. The country has been the setting of some of history’s greatest adventure tales where the spirit of safari still lives. So for a visit to this alluring destination, book low fare flights to Kenya as no other African country can boasts such diversity within its borders.

For a country of its size, Kenya packs a lot. There are millions of different reasons to come here and picking just one is quite impossible. The wildlife safaris have been the top tourist attraction in Kenya for decades while outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy various other activities like snorkeling at Marine National Park in Malindi , ballooning over Masai Mara, trekking at the glacier ridges of Mt Kenya are few among many. Nairobi is the cosmopolitan capital of country which has an interesting urban appeal. Decked with elegant cafes and restaurants the city has a thriving nightlife which makes it an interesting place to visit and enjoy your holidays.

The people of the country too represent a wide cross-section of everything that is contemporary Africa where one can enjoy culture of tribes and urban family’s ancient customs and modern sensibilities. So find your reason and visit this magnificent beautiful land of Africa.

Pristinely beautiful beaches:- The country has 480 km of beautiful coastline, it has a variety of coastal locations to visit , ranging from fishing villages to thriving tourist areas . Tall palm trees swaying in the cool breeze, beautiful glimpses of sunrise and sunsets over the Indian Ocean, warm water that laps gently against the shore makes these beaches just heaven that you can’t afford to miss at all.

Amazing Wildlife:- The country is blessed with unparalleled wildlife for which it is renowned in the world. From millions of flamingoes on the shores of some of Kenya’s great lakes to the huge herds of elephants that roam freely. It is indeed a very exciting and thrilling experience for visitors watching these amazing creatures from such a close corner.

Exotic tribal life:- Kenya represents tribal life in its true colors. With over 70 different tribes living within the country is its valuable and interesting asset. Here one can find an opportunity to see these rural communities and their traditional life style which remained the same over many centuries. Visitors can also visit many of its traditional villages and learn about the rituals of daily life and traditions which are passed from one generation to other. If all this fascinates you then just don’t wait and catch low fare flights to Kenya to enjoy the great diversity of this African country which will surely make you feel mesmerized.

Beautiful Coral Reefs:- Rated among the top three diving destinations , Kenya has an amazing variety of marine life. The country boats many excellent locations which include Malindi and Watamu Marine National Park in North and the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park in south where you’ll enjoy the warm crystal clear water and secrets of its hidden depths. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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