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What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) ?

Virtual Private Network is just like Internet. It connects a private network to different social Networks. This helps the user to send or receive data among those connected social Networks.

Types of VPN

Virtual Private Network May Be of Two Types:   

  • Remote access VPN
  • Site-to-site VPN

In remote access connection an individual computer is connected to a network of computers while in site-to-site connection two different networks are connected together.

Many companies use Virtual Private Networks now a day. It helps the employees and the company to send and receive data or information ease. If remote access VPN is used, it enables the employee to connect to company’s intranet from outside the company that is from home or while traveling. And if site-to-site virtual private network is used the employee can send or receive data among different geographically separated offices.

Connecting different networks together is known as virtual private network tunneling. VPN tunneling may be of two kinds, voluntary tunneling or compulsory tunneling. In voluntary tunneling the client makes a connection to the network provider carrier first after that a tunnel is created between the client and the VPN server. In compulsory tunneling the network provider carrier connects to the VPN first then the client makes connection to the carrier.

Classification of Virtual Private Network:

Virtual Private Network systems can be classified on a number of bases, like the protocols used for tunneling the traffic, whether they provide remote access connectivity or site to site connectivity. The termination point of the tunnel that is the tunnel may terminate at the customer end or at the network provider end. Merits of virtual private network also depend on the levels of security provided by VPN systems. Virtual Private Networks can also be divided on the bases of the open system interconnections provided by VPNs for example two layer circuit or three layer circuit etc.

Is Virtual Private Network secure?

Virtual Private Network provides perfect security. Data or information can be sent or received safely using VPN system. This is done by constituting point to point connectivity between different social networks using encryption. Encryption is a process of encoding the data or information sent in such a way that the concerned company can read the information only but not the computer hackers.

Prior to the secure connectivity to the virtual private network tunnel, the tunnel end points are to be certified and conformed.  Different methods are used for remote access VPN connectivity and site to site VPN Connections. Remote access VPN connections use any one of the following authenticity methods.

  • Passwords
  • Biometrics
  • Two factor Authentication
  • Other cryptographic Methods

Site to site VPN connection may use any of the following authenticity methods

  • Passwords
  • Digital certificates

Site to site VPN connection is also known as network to network VPN Connection. These VPN connections often use digital certificates because it is necessary to store the key connection automatically.

Virtual Private Networks allow the employees of a company, who are in remote areas to connect to the company’s network.

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