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Hiking Opportunities along Louisiana’s Coast
Hiking Opportunities along Louisiana’s Coast

Hiking Opportunities along Louisiana's Coast

Many of the local residents and out-of-state visitors take to the hiking trails in the state parks and national refuges in Louisiana. However, it is the unique terrain and habitats along Louisiana's coastline that offers the most amazing hiking experience. The varied habitats offer some of the most diverse fauna and flora, which is unique to the coastline along the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana's unique mild year-round climate provides excellent hiking experiences in the spring, winter and fall, along with the early morning hours and late evening hours in the summer.

The state of Louisiana is situated along the migration corridor. This is where many unique bird species fly from Central and South America up to Northern Canada. Many birds stop along the Louisiana coastline to take a rest, after flying over open water for days. Many bird watchers seek out the unique opportunity along the beautiful coastline to take a glimpse of rarely seen fowl.

Lake Fausse Pointe

The hiking and biking trail system that winds through Lake Fausse Pointe is one of the most spectacular in the state. It offers a bridge that traverses the swamp, along with amazing switchbacks, and rustic roots growing across the hiking trail. Built-in diverse wetlands, the entire trail system is ideal for active hiking, because of its relatively few changes in elevation. At certain times of the year, hikers can witness beaver lodges.

Acadiana Park

Situated in Lafayette, Louisiana, this hiking park offers tough trails in dense woods. Numerous root systems can be found traversing the hiking trail. This rustic area is ideal for an experienced hiker eager to get away from the crowds.

Wildlife Refuge Complex

Located in Southwest Louisiana, the wildlife refuge complex is a national system that is actually four different wildlife refuges situated close to each other. They include Shell Keys, Sabine, Cameron Prairie, and Lacassine national refuges. Since their origination, the land has been set aside to provide a natural habitat during the winter for migrating birds, in an effort to provide protection and support. With almost 185,000 fully protected acres of refuge land, these refuges are unique locations for bird watching and hiking.

Delta Wildlife Refuge

Since 1935, the Delta Wildlife Refuge has been used as a natural breeding ground for wildlife and migrating birds. It has served as a refuge sanctuary for many unique migrating bird species traveling to and from South America and Canada. While camping is not allowed within the confines of the refuge, hiking is permitted. Most areas within the refuge lands can only be accessed by boat, kayak or canoe. Many hikers enjoy photographing much of the rarely seen wildlife and unique bird species migrating to their winter or summer homes.

Mandalay Wildlife Refuge

During designated seasons, the national wildlife refuge is open to the public for a variety of activities including hunting and fishing. However, many hikers take to the area for bird watching and the observation of unusual wildlife in a unique setting. The Mandalay Wildlife Refuge has its own hiking trails that are open to the public at certain times of the year.

With all the available hiking trails situated all throughout Louisiana, it is easy to exercise year-round. Hikers have the ability to choose from a variety of natural environments from the hills in northern Louisiana, to the beautiful seaside along the Gulf Coast. By far, southern Louisiana offers the most unique hiking experiences in wildlife refuges, and nature preserves. Spending time hiking up and down the Louisiana coastline is the ideal way to get up close to the state's unique wildlife and waterfowl.

Author Bio: I am Julia Wilson, native of Louisiana. I work for Visit Louisiana and love the thrill of outdoor adventures like birding, hiking, biking, fishing, camping, swamp tour, paddling etc.

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Hiking Opportunities along Louisiana
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