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Car Accident Check List
Car Accident Check List

Car Accident Check List

One gets really distressed when involved in an accident. It is therefore important to know what to do before so that you can be able to deal with the unforeseen. Below is car accident check list that you should follow in the event of an accident:

1. Seek medical help for anybody injured

The first thing you should do when an accident happen is to find out if there is anyone injured. Give first aid where you can. For serious injuries, call for ambulances to take the injured to hospital.

2. Report to the police

You should report to the police immediately if there is anyone who has been injured during the accident of if your car has been damaged. If you fail to report to the police in this case, you may be charged in court with criminal charges, though you were not the cause of the accident. Moreover, many insurance firms demand a police report prior to paying a claim.

3. Exchange details with every driver

You should make sure you get all details that are necessary from all the drivers involved in the accident. These include name, mobile number, address, license number as well as license plate number, car model and the year, name, telephone number, address of the insurance firm and agent. In case the driver of the vehicle is not the real owner, get the name, mobile number and address of the owner. Request to analyze a photo ID as well as a copy of the registration.

4. Get contact details for witnesses and passengers

It is also important to get the names, mobile number and addresses of witnesses, if possible. They might be useful afterward, when the parties involved in the accident differ on what happened. Therefore, you should make sure you request onlookers if they would be willing to give you their details in case you require somebody to confirm the events that occurred. You should do this immediately you get the drivers’ details before your eyewitnesses walk way from the accident scene.

5. Take pictures of the scene

After you have documented all parties that were involved in the accident, it is also critical to document the accident’s scene. You can do this by taking photographs of the scene, showing the damage done. You can take the pictures using a camera or even your phone if it’s equipped with a camera. When taking the photos, make sure you capture the positions of the cars, the direction they were coming from, as well as any traffic control equipments like traffic lights or stop signs.

6. Talk only with the police as regard the accident

Lastly but not least, you should completely avoid talking about the accident, particularly about who was at fault, with other people as later such information can be used against you. Moreover, during such distressing moment, you can’t be sure who was really at fault. Therefore, it is important to stay quiet. You should only discuss with the police about the accident. Also, make sure you discretely get the names; badge numbers as well as police station of the police officers who get at the scene. If possible, get even the report number.

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