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designer interiors
designer interiors

Selecting the perfect designer interiors and designer furniture for your home

There is nothing more exciting than decorating your home. You have so many innovative, fun, original and stunning designer interiors and designer furniture pieces to choose from. Nevertheless, whilst extensive choice is always a great thing, it can be difficult to decide on what products to buy for your home. Luckily that is where this article comes into play. Read on to discover the top tips for finding the best designer furniture and interiors for your home...

Put in the groundwork

Before you can even begin to consider looking online for designer interiors you first need to assess the room in question. How big is it? The worst mistake you can make is failing to take measurements or make a plan. You then order a designer sofa which surprise, surprise – doesn’t fit. In addition to this, it is highly recommended that you set up a budget before you begin to shop. Furthermore, make a list of all the key furniture pieces you need and have a good idea of whereabouts in the room they are going to be place.

Decide on a theme / style

There is nothing worse than a room that looks unorganised and confused. You need to have a style in your mind before you begin to shop. Do you wish to design a room which emulates the 1970s? Are you looking to create a glamorous and luxurious space? Perhaps you are a fan of the popular minimalistic trend? Take a look online and view lots of pictures in order to generate your inspiration. There is bound to be something that shouts out to you.

Pick a colour theme

It is imperative to pick a colour scheme for your designer interiors too. You don’t want to end up with a blue sofa, a bright pink light fixture, an orange coffee table, a mint green TV stand and a yellow arm chair. You should always pick two colours or three colours at the very maximum. Anything else is too much and can make a room look over the top and overcomplicated.


Similarly to colour, you can’t have too many different materials going on either. Of course you can have a sofa made out of leather and then you can place silk cushions on top for example – not everything has to be made from the same thing. Nevertheless, to incorporate suede, silk, leather, velvet and fur in one room would be way too much.

Picking the right sofa

Picking the perfect sofa is important. This is a key designer furniture piece because it is the main attraction in any living room. You need to go for a style of sofa that is timeless yet eye catching at the same time. Corner sofas are extremely popular for their plush and lavish appearance. Nevertheless, old school vintage sofas are always in fashion too. The choices are endless, but make sure you scrutinise your decision as your sofa needs to be one you love for years to come.

If you carefully take into account the five points mentioned in this article then you should have all the information needed to purchase beautiful designer interiors for your home.


Keira Rose owns an interior design website. Herself and a group of writers post reviews on designer furniture and top designer interiors. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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