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Mumbai an extraordinary city of great diversity and positive spirit

Mumbai which is formerly known as Bombay is the commercial capital of India along with some of the most colorful culture imaginable. It is one of the most contradictory, aggressively modern, glamorous, rough edged, dazzling cosmopolitan a truly magical and magnetic city that attracts hoards of visitors from all corners of world to enjoy its great diversity, rich and vibrant cultural heritage and energy that leave them awestruck and offers one of the most memorable holiday experiences of their life. The city of Mumbai evokes different images in the mind of different people to some it is fast-paced and for the others it is energetic and youth driven. Some loves it for its rich cultural heritage and other feels lost in its chaos and hectic way of life but still the city manages to be among the hot spot tourist destinations in the world.

Mumbai is full of passion and energy and it is quite evident in its daily life. People come here for different reasons and the influence of positive energies of city are so strong that they could not leave it for some or the other reasons. If you feel surprised by its description then make a plan and visit this magnetic city and enjoy one of the most beautiful holiday of your life. So if you are ready for all this fun and excitement, book cheap flight tickets and give a flying start to your holiday plans.

A prolific film industry in the world

Compare to Hollywood, Mumbai has Hindi- language film industry , which is one of the largest in the world which nearly produces 200 more films a year than Hollywood , each almost 50 percent longer , with more color, more melodies and more melodrama. The industry provides much needed glitz and glamour to the city with its glittering stars, parties, and shows which entertain the people to forget about their worries.

A heavy–duty beauty

Don’t miss a spectacular journey on new Bandra –Worli Sea Link Bridge which took 10 years to complete. But after its use, one can hardly remember the near-hour once it took to travel between Mumbai and its western suburbs. Nearly 25,000 vehicles use this bridge every day and the whole trip now takes only seven minutes to complete the journey. This 4.7 km bridge is made up of steel wires with main tower as high as a 43 -story building is a visual spectacle and is worth visiting.

Buy your stolen stuff at Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar or Thieves market is one such place in the city where you can find everything from a most bizarre jumble of antiques to spare parts to old Bollywood posters, stamps, and electronic goods to anything that you think of. It is called as Chor Bazaar because it is assumed that most of the goods for sale are stolen ones. So take along your bargaining skills with you and leave your morals at home and enjoy a shopping spree over here and at the end of the day you found your collection truly an amazing one.

Spicy street food

Not only for the festivals and cultural diversity, India is known for its tangy aromatic spices and ingredients as well which are used in preparing various dishes. Mumbai street food is no exception and a visit to Mumbai is not complete without tasting its tangy spicy street food. The extra spicy paav bhaji, dynamite paani puri, and delicious bhel puri on beaches of Juhu Chowpatti are too tempting to resist. The amazing food of Mumbai compels you to visit this extra special city one more time. So get ready and enjoy your time at this truly magnificent city which provides uncountable reasons to you to visit it again and again. So fly to Mumbai and enjoy huge discounts to make your holidays even more memorable.

Truly amazing Laundromat

It is truly spectacular to visit world’s largest Laundromat where you can watch Mumbai wash its dirty linen in public at Dhobi Ghat which is now turn around an attraction of city. About 200 washer men families are busy in washing and drying clothes in open and the smell of detergent and soaps fills the air. is your new free blog, REGISTER FOR FREE!

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